Platinum Protection Plan

JC Bradley’s Platinum Protection Plan covers the following service and repairs:

• Replacement of lost or chipped diamonds/gemstones
• Claw work
• Stone tightening
• Semi-annual cleaning and inspections
• Ring sizing
• Resetting diamonds/gemstones
• Refinishing and polishing
• Replacing backs on earrings
• Clasp replacement
• Soldering of chains and rings
• Complimentary gemological report

$500 – $1,000 $79.95
$1,001 – $2,000 $149.95
$2,001 – $4,000 $249.95
$4,001 – $6,000 $449.95
$6,001 – $10,000 $599.95


This is a legal contract (the “PPP”). This is not a contract of insurance. The company obligated under this plan is JC Bradley Jewellers. In order for this PPP to be valid you must keep both this document and the original purchase receipt as well as have semi-annual inspections completed and recorded on this PPP document by an authorized JC Bradley Jewellers representative. Only on (“Item”) is covered under this PPP. The PPP is only valid if the Ownership Information on this PPP is complete and signed by an authorized JC Bradley Jewellers representative. The PPP is non-transferable from the Owner.


This PPP covers materials and labour for the following services and repairs needed either as a result of manufacturer’s defect or normal wear and tear. Diamonds / gemstones lost or chipped as a result of manufacturer’s defect will be replaced. The item must be inspected, including re-tipping of prongs, claw work and stone tightening, by JC Bradley Jewellers six months from the date of purchase, and every six months thereafter, completion of which must be recorded on this PPP. If the item is a ring, JC Bradley Jewellers will re-size up to two sizes (up or down) once every twelve months. Diamonds, gemstones that require re-setting as a result of either defective workmanship or normal wear and tear will be carried out by JC Bradley Jewellers. The item may be refinished and polished an unlimited number of times. Replacement backs on earrings will be provided as required. Clasp replacement and soldering of chains and rings will be done as needed. If the item is stolen during the period of coverage and a replacement item of similar value is purchased at JC Bradley Jewellers, the remaining term of the PPP will be transferred to the new item.


The PPP does not cover damage caused by acts of God, excessive abuse and neglect, improper treatment of damages caused by accidents (car vandalism, fire, etc.), loss of diamonds, gemstones or any other part of the item caused by defective workmanship performed by anyone other than JC Bradley Jewellers. This PPP does not cover loss or theft of the item. This PPP is void if any work is done on the item by anyone other than JC Bradley Jewellers.


The cumulative liability to JC Bradley Jewellers under the PPP shall be equal to the purchase price of the item. At any time if the total equivalent retail value of all authorized repairs and services is equal to, or surpasses, the original purchase price of the item or the item is replaced by JC Bradley Jewellers with another item of equal or greater value, the PPP will be of no further force or effect.


All terms in the coverage defined herein begin on the date of purchase of the PPP as shown on the sales receipt and continue for the Owner’s lifetime or the product’s lifetime, whichever is shorter.