How to Buy a Diamond

We suggest that you purchase your diamond from a trusted source after having personally viewed and selected it. Some companies sell diamonds online and some people are tempted to buy based on price alone. Here is what you need to know before you even consider purchasing a diamond online.

  • Nothing to compare it to. Even diamonds with the exact same grade can appear differently. For example, the position of the inclusions in two diamonds with the same grade can affect the overall beaty of the stone. That’s why you need to view the stones yourself with the advice of the experts we have on staff.
  • Certifications are not perfect. Different Gem Labs have different standards for grading and a grade is one person’s opinion. When a diamond has a clarity or cut grade that is borderline, the person doing the examination has to make a judgement. And those judgements affect the price of the diamond. An ready example of this is the fact that you will see a range of prices for diamonds that, from what you can see on the site, are equal in every way. Why is this? No two diamonds are alike — they are each as unique as you. And yet it would seem from these sites that this were not the case. Well, it’s like when you were in school: some teachers were easier than others. Funny thing is, that happens in other things too.
  • So what’s the point of a diamond search? A diamond search is useful for preliminary research as you figure out what your budget is and what a diamond may cost. You should regard diamond searches in the same way you look at dating sites. You wouldn’t marry somebody based upon the information presented on a dating site. You would want to meet them first so you can really get to know them. Diamonds are like that too, no two are the same and you really do have to ‘meet them’ before you get married.
  • There aren’t many Canadian diamonds for sale online. Most Canadian diamonds are not sold online but instead sold through jewellers. If you are looking for a Canadian diamond, we have access to a wider number of diamonds than any site.
  • Romance is never overrated. Web sites are cool and fun and modern but purchasing from a web site really deprives you of the experience of shopping for a piece of diamond jewellery. We believe that when it comes to jewellery and things that mean something in your life, shopping can start online but it should end up in a store like ours with real people